Paper Key : IRJ************177
Author: Arpit Yadav ,Simran Sharma ,Rajkumar Balmeeki ,Madhulika Sharma
Date Published: 04 Mar 2023
In the current era, photo captioning has end up one of the maximum broadly required tools. Moreover, there are built in programs that generate and offer a caption for a sure photo, all this stuff are achieved with the assist of deep neural community fashions. The version is skilled to maximise the chance of the goal description sentence given the education photo. Image Caption Generation has usually been a examine of exquisite hobby to the researchers withinside the Artificial Intelligence department. In this paper, an superior photo captioning versionalong with item detection, colour analysis, and photo captioningis proposed to mechanically generate the textual descriptions of photographs.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS34029
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