Paper Key : IRJ************610
Author: Harshan Gowda S R
Date Published: 05 Dec 2022
In the present investigation flexural behavior of hybrid composites were studied using validated finite element analysis. Influence of synthetic (glass) fiber volume fraction in a total constant fiber volume and their orders of layup on flexural behavior was the main focus of study. The behavior of these modified panels was compared with the behavior of NFRP composites. From the present study it was observed that hybridization of glass (synthetic) fibers in natural fibers reinforced in composite improves the overall mechanical behavior in general and flexural behavior in particular. Number of synthetic fiber layers i.e. synthetic fiber volume and their layup positions influences more on stress distribution. From the present study it is evident that layup of synthetic fiber layers near to the external load or reactions have better influence on stress distribution than the other layup order.
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