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Author: Harshal Narendra Thakare
Date Published: 01 May 2023
In India, most industries produce large quantities of waste materials. ex, is copper slag, a voluminous waste material obtained during the manufacturing of copper. The copper slag is a fine or blending agent, which helps hold the larger gravel particles within the concrete. In India for each ton of copper created, about 2.2 tons amount of copper slag is produced. It is seen that roughly 24.6 million tons of slags are created from the worldwide industry, the copper slag is used in concrete as a replacement for fine aggregate. It is used in concrete because it has several favorable mechanical properties for aggregate use such as excellent soundness characteristics, good abrasion resistance, and good stability. It was also helpful to increase compressive strength.Alternatively, the eggshell powder can replace cement in concrete as a replacement. It is made up of agricultural waste products such as eggshells that are discarded by hatcheries, bakeries, fast food restaurants, etc. Due to the fact that there is an equal amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing of one ton of cement, it is being used as a substitute for cement, as this is a silent killer in the environment. When eggshell waste is used instead of natural lime to replace cement in concrete, there can be benefits, such as minimizing cement consumption.
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