Paper Key : IRJ************349
Author: Jamuna Bandi
Date Published: 04 Nov 2022
The emergence of cloud infrastructure has considerably reduced the prices of hardware and package resourcesin computing infrastructure. to make sure security, the info is sometimes encrypted before its outsourced tothe cloud. not like looking out and sharing the plain information, it's difficult to go looking and share the infoonce encoding. still, it's a important task for the cloud service supplier because the users expect the cloud toconduct a fast search and come back the result while not losing information confidentiality. to beat these issues,we tend to propose a ciphertext-policy attribute-based mechanism with keyword search and informationsharing (CPAB-KSDS) for encrypted cloud information. The projected answer not solely supports attributebased keyword search however conjointly allows attribute-based information sharing at identical time, that isin distinction to the prevailing solutions that solely support either one among 2 options. in addition, thekeyword in our theme may be updated throughout the sharing section while not interacting with the PKG.during this paper, we tend to describe the notion of CPAB-KSDS moreover as its security model. Besides, wetend to propose a concrete theme and prove that it's against chosen ciphertext attack and chosen keywordattack secure within the random oracle model. Finally, the projected construction is incontestible sensible andeconomical within the performance and property comparison
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS30961
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