Paper Key : IRJ************976
Author: Pradip Ramesh Magadum,Abhishek Ram Chavan,Nilesh Vijay Mane,Prof. D. B. Shivpuje
Date Published: 09 Jan 2023
Abstract This paper considers a low-cost ventilator that is based on a manual resuscitator bag (Ambu bag) to pump air into the lung of a patient who is physically unable to breathe. To maintain the pressure of oxygen level to improve the patients breathing by regulating the flow of oxygen in the lungs as an intensive therapy. A contradictory motion is used by a ventilator to inflate the lungs by pumping type motion. The ventilator functions while not a human operator because it delivers breaths through the compression of an associate degree orthodox bag-valve mask. It satisfies its energy wants from an electrical motor having a battery power of three to twelve volts DC. Different functions got to be performed for the aim of ventilation i.e. pressure and needed range of breaths per minute are managed by a simple-to-use input board comprising of buttons. Adjust the time duration for inhalation to exhalation ratio. The low-cost ventilator design oxygen sensor and pressure sensor controlled by the microcontroller. This project work on a mechanical method to provide oxygen to the patient. This project gives comfortable treatment to the patient, and monitors and controls the pressure of oxygen level.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS32832
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