Paper Key : IRJ************952
Author: Sanket Ramdas Makh,Kedar Kashinath Koshti
Date Published: 03 Dec 2022
Agri-product supply chains are currently inefficient due to a number of factors, including climatic conditions and problems with traditional supply chains related to centralised management, lack of storage, without proper practices, increase in counterfeiting a brand, faults in shipment, hoarding of products by distributors, transportation problem, number of intermediaries in the market, malpractice, lack of grading, untrustworthiness, selling of product by shopkeepers after shelf life and lack of security in agriculture product, which have caused problems for farmers. Despite the fact that climatic conditions are mostly beyond human control, other factors such as supply chain management can be improved.By using Blockchain as a solution for the above problems, we can create a traceability system of immutable blocks that can trace the entire life-cycle of a food product from its production to its delivery to the customer, which can be accessible to everyone using smart contracts inside Hyperledger Fabric. The technical components of this work are cryptographic technique (SHA-256), authentication, structural data, and consensual processes. In the referred system, a generic framework for decentralized application is built between a network of computers to ensure immutable trustworthy, and secured transactions. Due to blockchain's properties, transaction records are tracked more effectively, security as well as immutability are enhanced, minting is made possible and faster settlement is made possible. The purpose of our work will be to improve the loopholes in recent research papers.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31861
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