Paper Key : IRJ************817
Author: Sruthi Krishnakumar,Dhivya R,Santhosh Sivan V,Dr. Thirumal P C
Date Published: 08 Nov 2022
Our project intends to bridge the communication gap between typically abled individuals and people with speech and hearing impairments. This SLT uses automated digital image processing and classification techniques and is a simple, effective, and accurate technology. The basic idea of this project is to build a communication interface using which deaf and dumb people can significantly communicate with all other people easily using Sign Language. In our project, relevant features (key points) and neural network architecture are extracted using computer vision and deep learning approaches. Accurate image recognition is performed using advanced tools (open CV) & techniques (Convolution Neural Networks). This works by interpreting three dimensional spaces in movements between hands and other parts of the body. Hence providing an efficient interface for communication between the disabled and others.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31026
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