Paper Key : IRJ************145
Author: Patil Sahil Sunil,Pitale Prathamesh Purushottam,Kshirsagar Adwait Chabikrishan,Shinde Sagar Jayram,Ingle Prashant
Date Published: 07 Nov 2022
This paper presents a review of recent research that has been carried out on the Suspension system of a Formula Student car. In any formula student race car, racing cars, Baja cars, or any given car suspension plays an important role. Suspension is primarily used to prevent the driver from sudden road shocks. Its also used to control the longitudinal load transfer, lateral load transfer and giving the exact amount of feedback needed by the driver. While designing a suspension system few factors need to be considered such as C.G, Roll-center, camber, toe-in, toe-out. Handling characteristics are also improved by optimizing the suspension system. The objective of the paper is to redesign the suspension system of the FSAE vehicle according to the new chassis and engine of the vehicle.Keywords: Suspension, Lateral load transfer, C.G, Roll- center, Handling.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31019
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