Paper Key : IRJ************813
Author: Harsh M Joshi
Date Published: 04 Sep 2022
-Web assembly is a binary instruction format for stacked virtual machines. Web Assembly is a compilation target so that code can execute on browsers. With web assembly it is possible to achieve near native performance, speed for application on web and outside the web. It is found that it provides performance similar to languages like c,c++,rust 1. The byte code it generates is fast to parse and compile for various platforms. Byte code is very light so less strain on the network for sharing. Edge computing is part of cloud computing made near data centres. The web assembly is first time used outside the browser in wasmRt was by 4. In this paper the author is exploring various ways that Web assembly can be used outside the web browser and in docker and cloud, microservices and CMS. Using Web assembly outside the browser's environment creates various opportunities.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29640
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