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Author: Sharafadeen Kunle Kolawole,Samuel O. Ogundele,Taiye Olayinka Woli
Date Published: 03 Sep 2022
There is a serious need for indigenous manufacture of titanium-based alloys for small scale production of implants. Incessant accidents on Nigeria's poor roads lead to permanent injury or loss of limbs. Replacements of these limbs are therefore necessary for the poor victims. However, the high costs of treatment or replacement of these body parts have led to permanent incapacitation. This is ultimately due to the unavailability of these materials locally, in Nigeria. In this work, a potential antibacterial Ti-3.5Cu-based alloy was designed and developed, with commercially pure titanium (cp-Ti) used as control. The novel Cu-bearing Ti-3.5Cu alloy with optimum mechanical properties and attractive physical properties was designed and fabricated. Bond order (Bo) and metal d-orbital (Md) method was used in designing the alloys. Data values obtained from this hypothesis were used to predict the properties of the different alloys. Hot forging of the billet was done in temperature range 750765oC (to 75% deformation), followed by hot rolling at about 800807oC (deformed by 94.24%) and finally heat-treating above their beta transition temperatures (BTT). Results for Bo-Md design analysis, microstructural, mechanical and physical properties show promising basis for development of implant for orthopaedic application.Keywords: Ti-3.5Cu alloy, mechanical properties, implant, locally-manufactured, physical properties.
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