Paper Key : IRJ************610
Author: Pratiksha Sanjay Jagdhane
Date Published: 03 Jan 2023
When COVID-19 hit India of the total reported 10 million cases, approximately 2 million are from Maharashtra, which has many crowded cities. The first COVID-19 pandemic case in the Indian state of Maharashtra was confirmed on 9 March 2020. The drastic increase in cases lead to an unsettling situation for the healthcare system. About half of the cases in the state came up from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). This proposed work, Includes data on COVID-19 cases reported in different districts in Maharashtra to carry out this analysis to find appropriate models that can be used to predict future cases. Out of the various classification models, Naive Bayes, Logistic regression, K-Nearest Neighbor, and Support Vector Machine clustering have been employed for the classification of positive and recovered cases.Method : The work aims to analyze which district in Maharashtra was most affected by COVID-19 cases and what was the recovery and fatality rate in each district. (2020) The project analysis also aims to appropriate models among support vector machine, linear regression, and K-nearest algorithm.
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