Paper Key : IRJ************064
Author: Mani Shankar,Mr. Pardeep
Date Published: 03 May 2023
By replacing humans in risky jobs, robot systems employed in building construction sites can effectively shorten construction times and improve safety. Field robots that operate in dynamic environments are what are referred to as construction robots. Due to their increased reliability, safety, efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, robotic systems are now widely used in various industrial and production processes.Robots have several unique applications that could help the business world. A comparison of how well relevant building jobs are performed manually versus by robots helps establish whether using robots in construction is feasible. In the study that follows, two dimensions of robotic feasibilitythe reduction of human labour and its effect on costsare quantitatively evaluated. This study contrasts conventional, human-operated systems with autonomous systems and offers a series of recommendations for designing new technology more affordably.
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