Paper Key : IRJ************269
Author: Sheetal Patidar,Tansi Bhandari,Vivek Sharma
Date Published: 04 Dec 2022
This paper provides a theoretical perspective on CURE-IT that is used to store essential information regarding the hospital Services like Blood availability in hospitals, beds availability in hospitals etc. Users can choose the best hospital according to their current need. By using this website users can also donate blood if they want to donate blood, user can get blood in an emergency situation. In this user will also get information regarding hospitals and doctors for any particular disease. So, now no need to visit hospital (offline) for getting all of this information. You can visit website CURE-IT and get information regarding this. Now dont have to waste your crucial time by finding hospitals. You can visit CURE-IT and get all this information easily (online). The main aim is to provide information of services regarding many hospitals to user and make their life easy.Keyword: Website, Information regarding many hospitals services in a single site, Blood availability, Beds availability.
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