Paper Key : IRJ************253
Author: Priyanshu Mittal,Prakriti Juyal,Prasuk Jain,Ridhvi Bothra,Rishit Agrawal
Date Published: 04 Dec 2022
One of the key industries for the growth of any community is the steel industry. In actuality, the steel sector serves as the foundation for a wide range of other businesses. Actually, this industry served as the foundation for the industrial revolution that began in Europe at the turn of the century. The three main methods for obtaining final steel products are direct reduction, secondary processing, and integrated steel production.By considering the relative proximity to the positive ideal solution, we used the TOPSIS approach in this work to take into account both the distance to the positive ideal solution and the distance to the negative ideal solution. Alternate priority orders can be achieved via a comparison of the relative distance. The TOPSIS method is employed in this research work to interpret the top 10 steel businesses in India, and we used secondary data collection techniques. The information was gathered from numerous sources inside the government. The key financial ratios have been taken as criteria also known as indices to check the financial position of the company.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31864
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