Paper Key : IRJ************290
Author: Ganesh Bhagat,Sandesh Bhor,Sahil Devkar,Pratik Jamadar
Date Published: 01 Mar 2023
Traffic sign recognition is used to maintain traffic signs, warns the distracted driver, and prevent hisher actions that can lead an accident. A real-time automatic sign detection and recognition can help the driver, significantly increasing hisher safety. Traffic sign recognition also gets an immense interest lately by large scale companies such as Google, Apple and Volkswagen etc. driven by the market needs for intel- ligent applications such as autonomous driving, driver assistance systems (ADAS), mobile mapping, Mobil eye, Apple, etc. and datasets such as Belgian, German mo- bile mapping. Hence, we are proposing this project to do the same with cost efficient manner using Node MCU. We are proposing automated real time system which will capture traffic sign and indicate it at driver dashboard with front obstacle exact dis- tance on monitor. Camera is used to capture images of traffic sings and is connected to NODE MCU. Monitor is used to display required output, showing type of sign.
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