Paper Key : IRJ************141
Author: Walther Stikvoort
Date Published: 05 Nov 2022
Vessel components are weakened when material is removed to provide openings for nozzles or access. High stress concentrations exist at the opening edge and decrease radially outward from the opening. To avoid failure in the opening area, compensation or reinforcement is required.To reduce the number of nozzle compensation calculations, an algorithm has been developed to determine the maximum size of an unreinforced isolated opening in a cylindrical shell and in the domed part of a head as well as in a spherical shell of a pressure vessel. The basic principle here is that use is made of the excess thickness of the shell in which the opening is located and, as it were, forms a fictitious reinforcement ring around the opening. The so-called "pressure area" method has been used as the basis for this.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS30979
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