Paper Key : IRJ************574
Author: Nikita Rabade,Dr. Ys Thakur
Date Published: 03 Mar 2023
In the broadest sense, steganalysis entails recognising suspicious items initially, followed by additional analysis in which we seek to recognise the steganographic technique applied for embedding, recover the stego key, and ultimately extract the secret message. This article outlines a method for locating the stego key in key-dependent Sterographic techniques in the past, stego key searches were conducted using laborious searches to hunt for recognised structures (such headers) in the extracted bit-stream. If the message is encrypted, the search becomes much more expensive because all possible encryption keys must be tested for each stego key.In this paper, we show that the complexity of the stego key search is determined solely by the size of the stego key space and is independent of the encryption algorithm for a wide range of steganographic schemes. An exhaustive stego key search can be used to determine the correct stego key by quantifying statistical properties of samples along portions of the embedding path.Keywords: forensic, steganography, steganalysis, stego key.
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