Paper Key : IRJ************662
Author: Sagar Rathod ,Om Kharche ,Siddhi Kad,Solanke V.s
Date Published: 05 May 2023
In this paper we present an approach for Human computer Interaction (HCI), where we have tried to control the mouse cursor movement and click events of the mouse using hand gestures. Hand gestures were acquired using a camera based on colour detection technique. This method mainly focuses on the use of a Web Camera to develop a virtual human computer interaction device in a cost effective manner.The proposed system uses nothing more than a low resolution webcam that acts as a sensor and it is able to track the users hand bearing colour caps in two dimensions. The system will be implemented using the python and OpenCV. The hand gesture is the most effortless and natural way of communication. The output of the camera will be displayed on the monitor. Shape and position information about the gesture will be gathered using detection of colour. The file transferring scheme is implemented by using the python server programming.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS37888
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