Paper Key : IRJ************619
Author: Dadi Yamini,dhanavendan Sanghavi,dharmavarapu Nageswari,gavenkula Bhoomika
Date Published: 01 Mar 2023
In today's world, where everyone wants to keep their valuables safe and secure, video surveillance for observing a particular area has become the need of the hour. To address this problem, we have come up with a solution of smart surveillance system for certain places like bank vaults, homes where the human presence is not available. At such places, it is not worth to continuously monitor the area with the cameras. This wastes the power consumption as well as the storage required for the footages. Our system will detect human presence using opencv which is based on machine learning along with python and send the alert to the telegram bot.Keywords: Surveillance,Monitor,Footage,Python,Telegram Bot.
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