Paper Key : IRJ************897
Author: Mukesh Kumar Sinha
Date Published: 03 Dec 2022
The compressive strength was calculated using a 10%, 20%,30%,40% compression ratio. The effect of integrating metakaolin on the mechanical and durability qualities of high strength concrete is shown in this study .The strength reduced after 30 percent replacement, although it remained higher than the control mixture. At 30% replacement, a compressive strength of 80.42 MPa was reached..The research on partial cement replacement with metakaolin as a wholly extraordinary share in HPC for M55 grade of incorporate is accomplished in this thesis paper. For Metakaolin, the replacement levels were 0%, 10%, 20%, 30 %, and 40% (by weight).The final result (compressive strength) is compared to a standard specimen.Thirty cube specimens of grade M55 of high strength concrete with Metakaolin as a supplementary cementitious material have been tested in laboratory. Six cubes have been cast for each percentage of Metakaolin i.e. 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%. Waterbinder ratio for all mixes has been maintained at 0.39 with superplasticizer dosage at 1.25% of weight of cementitious material. The effect of partially replacement of cement with varying percentage of Metakaolin enhances the compressive strength. At 30% replacement of Metakaolin by weight of cementitious materials the increase in compressive strength noted was maximum as compare to other percentage mixes. At 40% replacement level there was slightly decrease in compressive strength was noted.
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