Paper Key : IRJ************428
Author: Akash Shivadas Chatake
Date Published: 01 May 2024
In the dynamic crucible of automotive evolution, the relentless march of innovation intersects with the profound legacy of internal combustion engines, heralding a transformative era characterized by the ascent of electric vehicles (EVs). This research endeavours to navigate the intricate interplay between tradition and transition, delving into the multifaceted impact of EV proliferation on the diesel engine economya vast and intricate ecosystem spanning from local microeconomies to global manufacturing juggernauts.Through the lens of interdisciplinary inquiry, this paper embarks on a quest to illuminate the labyrinthine pathways traversed by the automotive industry, from the epochal genesis of internal combustion engines to the contemporary zenith of electrification. Drawing upon the annals of engineering prowess, economic imperatives, and environmental imperatives, it endeavours to unravel the evolutionary tapestry of engine technology, tracing its metamorphosis from the rudimentary sparks of mechanization to the dazzling realms of electrified propulsion.As the symphony of progress unfolds, casting its luminous gaze upon the diesel engine economy, the research ventures forth to dissect the manifold ramifications of EV incursion. From the bustling crucibles of manufacturing prowess to the serene sanctums of local workshops, the reverberations of change echo across the diesel engine landscape, promising both peril and promise in equal measure.In the crucible of this transition, the research unveils the tectonic shifts underway within employment patterns, manufacturing paradigms, and market dynamics. It elucidates the emergent challenges and latent opportunities poised to reshape the destinies of stakeholdersbe they manufacturers, suppliers, or service purveyorsacross diverse global locales.Ultimately, this research aspires to transcend mere analysis, beckoning forth a clarion call to action for policymakers, industry titans, and stakeholders alike. By comprehending the symphonic interplay between EV ascension and diesel engine tradition, stakeholders can orchestrate strategic manoeuvres to navigate the tempestuous seas of transition and chart a course towards a horizon suffused with sustainability and technological splendour.
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