Paper Key : IRJ************370
Author: G.v.pavanpravinraaja
Date Published: 08 Dec 2022
In 21st century energy demand was increased by reason of development of industries, population, amount of vehicles. But availability of fuel is not sufficient to meet demands. In other routes to solve the energy demand and control the pollution under using of alternative fuels. The usage of fossil fuel is causes to more pollution and change environmental conditions. The use of biodiesel is one of the major solution for this kind of problems. This work is used Karanja biodiesel for potentiate the diesel. The Karanja oil is readily available in India and it has more potential to use as alternative fuel in diesel engine without modification. Experimental is going conduct to study the performance and emissions characteristics of biodiesel, additive used biodiesel and compared with diesel. Similarly, the properties like calorific value, flash point, viscosity c also going to study.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31935
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