Paper Key : IRJ************690
Author: Zaware Trupti Chandrakant
Date Published: 05 Sep 2022
Cybersecurity is additional crucial than ever within the fashionable society. Businesses and people square measure liable to cyberattacks attributable to the event of the web and the growing reliance on technology. The method of preventing unwanted access to or thievery from laptop networks and systems is thought as cyber security. Keeping your information secure from hackers is what it entails, in different terms. The point of network safety is to secure or at any rate, diminish advanced assaults for this multitude of angles. Network safety safeguards organizations against Cybercriminals and the cyberthreats they turn out. Security mechanization is that the machine-based execution of safety activities with the capability to mechanically acknowledge, contributed and correct cyberthreats not withstanding human mediation by distinctive approaching dangers, triaging, and that specialize in cautions as they arise, then, at that time, responsive them in associate opportune style. cybernation is that the best thanks to decrease the degree of dangers and empower faster shunning. In this paper, we tend to describe the cyber kill chain with their all steps. The cyber kill chain may be a blueprint for in operation in an exceedingly staged manner, that incident response groups, forensics consultants, and malware researchers will use to notice and stop cyberattacks at completely different stages of the chain. This paper proposes associate approach to attach cyber kill chain with automation to seek out preventions or vulnerability. The most aim of cyber kill chain methodology is to assist businesses to scale back the danger of attack by understanding however law-breaking generally progresses. We will use the kill chain to assess existing security measures, establish vulnerabilities, and fix any security risks.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29648
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