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Author: Marm Manvar,Rhydham Manvar ,Shivrajsinh Rayjada
Date Published: 04 Mar 2023
Plastic is non- biodegradable substance it takes thousands of year to decompose it create land as well as water pollution. Accumulation of such waste can result into hazardous effect on both human as well as plant life. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems that the world is currently facing. It is estimated that 100 million tons of plastic produce every year. Around 8.3 billion MT tons of plastic produce since 1950.In Australia alone 2.24million tons of plastics waste was generated in 2008 which comprised 16% of the municipal waste stream. Both informal and households sectors together covered a generation rate of 6.58.5million tonsyear of plastics waste in India. By definition plastic can make too different shapes when they are heated. There are many properties of plastic such as light weight; transparency, flexibility etc make its use more common. Plastic waste which is increasing day by day becomes eyesore and in turn pollutes the environment, especially in high mountain villages where no garbage collection system exists.A our world population continues to increase, the usage of plastic is also increase since its the preferred packaging material for foods and beverages. Thus, the plastics waste is considered as one of the major environmental problems due to its hazards effects and difficulty for disposing. According to Fiber-Reinforced Plastic, David Henshers, a professor at the University of Duke, plastic can be used as a concrete admixture. Plastics are widely used as packaging materials but their waste can be used in the construction industry to manufacture building products, such as roof tiles, building blocks, etc.Factors such as population growth, low production cost, wide varieties and applications results in an increased production of plastics Plastic wastes, for example, can be combined with sand to manufacture building materials. So we make this floor tile to reuse the waste plastic that is accumulating every day in huge amount. This is one of the best ways to avoid the plastic waste. This floor tile will help INDIA to get rid of plastic waste.
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