Paper Key : IRJ************857
Author: Farha Anjum Mansoori ,Agya Mishra
Date Published: 06 Mar 2023
This study introduces a clever method designed specifically for MRI brain pictures. Convolution neural networks and curvelet transform are used in an intelligent hybrid processing technique to identify abnormalities in brain pictures. Feature extraction, the logistic regression method (LRM), and learning algorithms are all used in the proposed model. Also, the categorization system identifies cancerous or non-cancerous tumours in the pictures of the brain. Results from experiments demonstrate how well model- and parameter-based analysis performs. The topic of minimum batch accuracy and validation accuracy, which are then contrasted with the current method, comes to a conclusion in the paper. This concept is suited to ongoing MRI image analysis activities.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS34056
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