Paper Key : IRJ************742
Author: Abhay Shanbhag,Hemadri Bn,Jeevan L,Danunjay Kumar
Date Published: 03 Jan 2023
Unscientific municipal solid waste management is one of the primary sources of contamination in developing nations such as India. The survey attempted to examine the characteristics of groundwater, leachate, and soil in and around a dumping site in Bengaluru, Karnataka's capital city. Standard standards for assessing soil and water quality were followed. According to the findings, the surrounding dumpsite harms environmental indicators such as groundwater and soil quality, as demonstrated in this study. Parameters that shall be tested include temperature, pH, turbidity, nitrates, and TDS among others. The study has been conducted at Bellahalli Leachate Plant, Mitganahalli, Bengaluru. About 3100 tonnes of waste is dumped at this site every day
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