Paper Key : IRJ************475
Author: Vikramjeet
Date Published: 08 Jan 2023
Waterlogging is becoming a serious problem plaguing large parts of the country. The present study assessed the waterlogged area in the Hisar district of Haryana State using satellite data of Sentinel 2, LANDSAT 8, and Carto DEM: Version 3 R1. Various thematic layers such as base map, DEM, NDWI, groundwater depth, and waterlogged area have been prepared by using ARC GIS software. Near about 69% area lies under the 10-15 m range of ground water depth while 31% area is under the above 10 m range. NDVI result shows that 68% area is under vegetation-agriculture land and 32% area is under the non-vegetation class. A total 39.99 sq. km (1.01%) area was identified as a waterlogged area. Concluded that remote sensing and GIS techniques are better tools to analyze the waterlogging problem with higher accuracy and timely. And the results prepared by using these techniques will be very helpful for administrators and policymakers.
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