Paper Key : IRJ************518
Author: Chethan M P,Darshan S N,Dr.bharathi S
Date Published: 01 Sep 2022
CPU scheduling algorithms play an importantrole in multiprogramming operating systems. When CPUscheduling is successful, difficult issues can be preciselycomputed, and the system will continue to function properly.Additionally, CPU scheduling algorithms are the main featureof operating systems that achieve the objective of maximizingCPU use. The purpose of this research is to contrast thefeatures of CPU scheduling techniques and also discuss itsadvantages and disadvantages, towards Which algorithm is themost useful for enhancing CPU usage. Numerous schedulingalgorithms have been compared, with numerous factors takeninto account, including performance, algorithmimplementation, flaws, average waiting times, benefits anddownsides, allocation criteria, etc. Examining the CPUscheduler in a method that satisfies the scheduling goals is thearticle's central objective. However, aware of the kinds ofalgorithm that is most suitable for a specific case by exhibitingits all qualities.
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