Paper Key : IRJ************258
Author: A. C. Waghmare,Yash A. Thakre ,Ketan D. Pande,Shantanu V. Pantawane,Abhishek D. Kshirsagar,Rahul S. Somkuwar
Date Published: 05 Mar 2023
This paper features a discussion on design of Plate Type Heat Exchanger (PHE) to reduce oil cooling time. Conventional heat exchanger has many disadvantages such as complicated maintenance, high cost, consumes more space. While Plate Heat Exchanger has lot of advantages over conventional heat exchangers. PHE has larger surface area because the liquid spreads over the plate. The plate allows faster heat transfer hence the paper discuss and presents the design of the plate type heat exchanger, plate material, chevron angle, gasket material.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS34110
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