Paper Key : IRJ************892
Author: Atul Dattatray Pawar
Date Published: 02 May 2023
The improved of industrialization and urbanization has conduct to an immense increase in the population invariably leading to rise in the number of vehicles on road. The output of traffic congestion and traffic jams are the major hurdles for emergency vehicles such as ambulance carrying difficults patients as these emergency motor vehicles are not able to reach their target in time, resulting into a loss of people life. To solve this problem to some expanse we have apparently come up with Intelligent Traffic Control System(TCS) for ambulance vehicle . The proposed system clears the traffic crowd by all and converting red signal light to green signal light on the route of the ambulance, hence helping in clearing the traffic and given way towards its end point. The system consists of an software application which registers on the ambulance in their network. In case of emergency circumstance, if the ambulance stoped on its way, the application sends an emergency instruction to the traffic signal server and also the direction where they wants to travel along with patient from their exact location with the help of map. The upcoming signal is identified based upon the current location of the ambulance. And through this system esaliy across the ambulance from traffic because of the there are have police man and they also control from there traffic control room and from its easy to save life and save time.
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