Paper Key : IRJ************937
Author: Bhoomika K P,Prajina V,Nikhil Thomas Roy
Date Published: 03 Jul 2024
ABSTRACT: This study paper uses large-scale regions based on wireless sensor networks from mobile devices, and it is a real-time initiative that benefits society. It not only notifies the gas office but also the authorized individual by phone. The sensor term in a land center services make up the two main components of this system. The TDLAS gas leakage sensor, which offers the best accuracy possible, is part of it. GPS position is employed for the most significant metrics; in a factory, zig Bee modules, wireless sensor networks, and catalytic gas sensors are used.Keywords: Arduino Uno Board, MQ-6 gas sensor,16X2LCD Module, 10K Potentiometer, Red and Green LED bulb, 220 ohms resistors, Jumper wires and a bread board, USB cable for uploading the code, Exhaust fan, Sim8001.
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