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Author: Delfa G. Castilla,Gwenneth Anne Guinita,Melisa D. Tejero,Psyche Hellaina B. Lutao,Al Joshua P. Amazon,Edmark A. Arnoco,Krystal Jhen A. Comaingking,Regelle Margarette O. Dela Cruz
Date Published: 06 Mar 2023
Ergonomics is one of the most common workplace safety concerns since a non-ergonomic workforce can generate a variety of health problems for employees. Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) can occur as a result of insufficient or non-existent workplace ergonomic processes, which can occur in a number of workplaces, particularly in non-traditional workforces where ergonomic policies and procedures are not effectively applied. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate ergonomics risk factors in the workplace among service repair workers. A study was done among 17 Bemboy Fiberglass personnel in Calero, Liloan, Cebu, using a pre-made questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed using mean, likert scale and percentage frequency distribution. The study's findings revealed that workers are exposed to the key ergonomic risk factors that produce WMSDs, such as awkward posture, excessive loads or high exertion, and a high or long frequency. As a result, there is a need to improve the workplace policies and procedures, establish an effective health and safety management system and have a committee in charge for health in order to attain an ergonomic workplace.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS34055
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