Paper Key : IRJ************283
Author: Mian Elly G. Manaloto,Warren S. Tuazon,Patrick Josh I. De Lara,Robert John P. Ingal,Rafael V. Dungo
Date Published: 08 Jul 2024
Reliability refers to the likelihood of a system successfully completing its intended task. In this paper, the proponents assessed the reliability of the IEEE Bus 6 Roy Billington Test System (RBTS) distribution system by optimizing two reliability indices: the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) and Expected Energy Not Served (EENS). The proponents optimized the reliability indices by leveraging a Genetic Algorithm implemented in JavaScript within Visual Studio Code, aiming to determine the optimal placement of protective devices. Results revealed the optimized values for both SAIFI and EENS alongside the protective device placement. In section 1, the SAIFI optimized value is 1.4492 with its EENS at 24607.8729 kWh and cost at 244090.4 Philippine Peso (Php). Future researchers can use other algorithms to optimize as well as use the data gathered in this study to be compared with. Also, the code used in the study can be further developed into a software that is designed to calculate the reliability indices, SAIFI and EENS.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS59888
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