Paper Key : IRJ************218
Author: S. Jesintha Victoria
Date Published: 04 Dec 2022
The main objectives of the present study is to find out the levels of occupational stress and teacher effectiveness among the school teachers; and relationship between occupational stress and teacher effectiveness among the school teachers. The population for the present study has been identified as the school teachers who are working in various types and categories of schools in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. Using simple random procedure from the list of schools the researcher collected 600 school teachers from Thanjavur district. Differential study regarding occupational stress shows that significant differences are found among the sub groups of marital status, cadre and educational qualification. One of the significant findings of the study is the occupational stress is correlated with school performance. The process of stress management is one of the keys for teachers to have a successful professional life. There are a lot of stress management techniques which are helpful for teachers to improve their performance. So, the administrators provide intensive training for teachers to manage their occupational stress.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS31874
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