Paper Key : IRJ************259
Author: Parul Kumari
Date Published: 06 Sep 2022
Web caching is as important as it has ever been. Web caching technology has been widely used to enhance the performance of the web infrastructure and reduce the user-perceived network latencies. Proxy caching is a Web caching technique that aims to serve users. Web requests from one or a network of proxies located between the client and the servers hosting the original copies of the requested objects. Web caching was developed for two primary reasons: to cut back the load on web servers and to enhance the net users experience while browsing the web. Prefetching techniques are used to boost processors execution performance and faster fetch operations. This paper presents different approaches for improving the techniques to deliver relevant web content and an analysed study of prefetching techniques and various databases employed by caching servers and different browsers and discusses the techniques to reinforce web caching, discusses caching databases also the intended impacts of web caching and related performance measures, and focuses on server caching approaches that use a single cache to serve multiple users which is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) caching, object caching, and opcode caching and analyzing the behaviour of various browsers associated with caching.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29654
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