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Author: Miss. Madhavi Gosavi,Mr. S. S. Sonawane,Miss. Aparna Pawar,Mr. Onkar Pawar,Mr. Dhananjay Dighe
Date Published: 01 Mar 2023
A student's decision to enroll in a particular educational institution is one of their most important or important choices because it is essential to their career development and growth. The educational sector's engineering sector is one of the fastest growing. The engineering sector is quite competitive for students throughout India.The topic that is now being debated a lot in India is college rankings. Every student must make a significant decision when selecting their educational institution because it affects how their personality and career will grow. This project lets students learn everything they need to know about engineering colleges. Some numerous websites and apps provide details about different engineering colleges, however, when it comes to students, they must get specific details about factors like professors, campus life, hostel amenities, placement, etc. Today, CET or diploma final year scores are one of the key requirements for admission to any engineering college.Students from small towns and cities are less likely to attend different colleges. The fresh talent will be adequately channeled as per their interests if these pupils have enough exposure. The user will assess the questions based on his level of interest. The dataset will contain the list of colleges so that the accuracy and precision of the system can be determined
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