Paper Key : IRJ************544
Author: Dr. Dayanand G. Savakar,Mahesh Bijjaragi,Danesh Telsang
Date Published: 03 Sep 2022
Agriculture is a top priority in India but today people engaged in agriculture are from lower class and face many problems in their daily life due to extreme poverty. In India, about 15% of GDP (good domestic product) comes from agriculture, but these jobs employ 50% of our working population. Income generation is one of the biggest causes of farmer suicides in India. Lack of awareness of modern technology or advanced techniques leads to farm poverty, although farmers work hard and produce by farmers, in today's market, farmers are forced by agents, which leads to poverty. The role of the middleman in marketing the agricultural product must be removed to ensure direct sales between farmers and customers. The study shows changes in consumer preferences in India when it comes to food choices. Currently several organizations are selling fresh fruits and vegetables and people in India prefer to buy them through online websites, Farmeeco plays a significant role in predicting the outcome of these digital fruit and vegetable markets. This will talk about information regarding Farmeeco, their previous works, software and tools adopted by the company to manage their online applications, as well as their marketing strategies.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29607
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