Paper Key : IRJ************068
Author: Manish Kumar,: Mahammad Rizwan S Koppal,Pratik Angadi,Pooja S
Date Published: 05 Jan 2023
In this paper we have studied about characterization of MSW + Waste rubber tyres. As we know that we can produce electricity from solar ,thermal ,hydro, nuclear etc but there are some disadvantages of it like CO2 emission pollution, problem of global warming requirement of fuels cost etc. For the application like replacing some amount coal with pellets of MSW + Waste rubber tyres. To find the calorific value of individual materials and combined materials. The pellets mainly comprises of 80% of MSW and up to 20% of waste rubber tyres. For the preparation of pellets we collect waste from nearby kitchen and hotels and dry them in sunlight and thermostatic oven , then we collect waste rubber tyres from industries ,convert them into powder form both kitchen waste and rubber tyres .
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