Paper Key : IRJ************757
Author: Dhyey Ghodasara,Manit Aghera,Shivrajsinh Rayjada
Date Published: 05 Mar 2023
In earlier days writing was done on sand slate, walls and chalkboards. As the uses of chalk increase, types of chalk like dustless chalk, color chalks also come up in the market. Nowadays, in order to reduce the price of chalk, factories are mixing cheap products and making it harmful. These harmful substance in Chalk cause certain disease in human body because chalk hold many harmful substances like calcium carbonate (CaCo3) etc. These chalk sticks are also a carcinogenic substance and thus causing the disease like eye irritation, respiratory tract irritation and silicosis. The automatic board duster which works on just a push of switch and erases the dust of the board which leads to the prevention from such diseases. This machine works to and fro motion. This machine also prevent the spreading of chalk dust here and there. This machine works on the basis of Rack and Pinion motion.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS34085
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