Paper Key : IRJ************639
Author: Tapesh Kumar Dubey(asst. Professor)r,Priyank Kanojiya,Khushboo Harchandani
Date Published: 06 Mar 2023
Is innovation in the restaurant industry a bare necessity or just a popular social topic? Is it something you talk about at work? If it is, have you already done something to amaze customers and to increase competitiveness? Many entrepreneurs start their business following a traditional retail approach; usually this turns to be a beginning of the end for that particular business idea. Restaurants must develop a modern approach with customers as the focus. Therefore, the authors suggest a set of required approaches as a framework to start innovation. Furthermore, this framework is useful for a wide range of service sectors, and should help managers and entrepreneurs understand global customer needs.The main goal of the study is to identify attitudes of restaurant managers towards innovations as an adapting strategy, and to reveal their perceptions of future trends in the restaurant sector. Moreover, this paper examines linkage between socio-demographic profile of managers and type of applied innovations, and intends to initiate a further studies and discussions that could help academics and restaurateurs to predict and adapt to dynamic market changes.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS34124
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