Paper Key : IRJ************836
Author: Ghulam Baqir Mazari
Date Published: 03 Jan 2023
Sustainable discoveries in shale gas resources are complicated because of main challenges which is extremely limited permeability, limited porosity therefore, shale gas production is produced at very low rates. Hence, unconventional gas may not achieve even more positive outcomes. One of most important technique that utilized to increase recovery of such reservoir is Hydraulic Fracturing. In this research, this reservoir is based on a three dimensional dual permeability model of shale gas reservoir. The base case scenario includes a hydraulic fracture horizontal well of shale gas horizontal well which are first history match with recovery rate of shale gas reservoir. Sensitivities are carried out multistaged hydraulic fracturing of horizontal well to decide best completion scenario based on recovery rate. Furthermore, sensitivity result has shown that multistaged hydraulic fracturing of horizontal well yields high reservoir recovery rate i.e. 34.83%. Impact on fracturing parameters for hydraulic fracturing are also studied in this work. Through sensitivity analysis & comparison of hydraulic fracturing, it has been concluded that by increasing fracture conductivity, half length, width, number of fractures, variation of half-length along with width consequently recovery rate of well is increased . However by decreasing value of fracture spacing recovery rate is increased.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS32701
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