Paper Key : IRJ************893
Author: Sayyed Sahil Firoz
Date Published: 07 Dec 2022
The paper proposes a eyeball movement based cursor control system to establish an efficient way for the physically disabled people so that they can also interact with the computers independently. The main objective is to help the handicapped people who tend to get a lot of boost, since it is a hindrance to them to use the mouse. The paper proposed here develops a efficient way for physically disabled people to control the mouse with just their eyes. The proposed system navigates the human eyes to perform the cursor movement. The following paper also prescribes a a machine learning and deep learning approach along with some inbuilt dataset to classify the human eye and high accuracy while performing cursor movements controlled by eyes. Libraries provide to use the filters which are used to remove the noise to obtain smooth and accurate operation . The performance evaluation shows that the proposed system has a good control over its performance for physically disabled people .
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