Paper Key : IRJ************125
Author: Lingaraj Malipatil,Gangadhar S D,Kalyankumar,Manikappa,Sushma C K
Date Published: 04 Jan 2023
This paper's result focuses on preparing a model and cost estimation of C&D CLC blocks for sustainability in the construction field. The garbage produced during construction and demolition (C&D) contributes significantly to environmental contamination. Concrete, asphalt, plastic, metal, and glass are among the items that are produced during building and destruction and are included in this waste stream. The ecology may be significantly impacted by how C&D trash is disposed of. C&D garbage is typically disposed of by being placed in landfills. This garbage can overflow landfills, which can result in harmful air pollution and methane gas emissions. In addition, disposal in landfills can harm the environment by dispersing dangerous poisons into the air. Hence, we have decided to use RCA and NCA as materials to prepare a block. This allows us to prepare a C&D block that has already been prepared and used to provide good strength for framed construction. The prepared C&D blocks are quite heavy, which is not feasible for mobility and rapid construction, so to overcome this scenario, we would like to introduce foam concrete (CLC) technology into the C&D mix, which would make the blocks way lighter than their previous ones. We are even expecting better yield strength than the two individual C&D and CLC blocks that are in use now. KEY WORDS: Disposal, Construction, and demolition waste (C&D Waste), Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC), Yield Strength.
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS32744
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