Paper Key : IRJ************059
Author: Mohd Hamza
Date Published: 05 Sep 2022
Our country generates biomedical waste on a very large scale and which is very infectious and hazardous waste. Increases or is very important to a variety of health worker health as well as the efficiency of biomedical waste segregation and environmental exposure to work.There are many different types of biological wastes that have been produced during hospital operations. The management of biomedical waste is receiving attention due to environmental and health concerns. The handling of biomedical waste in India is fraught with a number of problems and difficulties. To examine awareness and implementation among doctors and staff members regarding biomedical waste management and its implementation in 02 government and 2 private hospitals, a cross sectional study was conducted using the descriptive survey research method, which includes presentations of facts, classes of events, procedures, and the enumeration of measurements. The Chi-Square test is employed in the current study to verify the hypothesis
DOI LINK : 10.56726/IRJMETS29662
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