Paper Key : IRJ************571
Author: Vivek R Venkatesh
Date Published: 03 Sep 2022
Accumulation of garbage is becoming a serious concern in society which causes contamination of landfills which in turn leads to health hazards. Garbage dumped in large amount makes it difficult to separate manually. This project discusses an IOT based garbage segregation and monitoring system which monitors the garbage level and focuses on segregating the garbage, based on the presence of moisture, plastic or medical waste. Segregating them by the type will facilitate the recycling process which avoids health risk. The process is carried on by the use of sensors along with the IoT module. The sensors are connected to the microcontroller along with a camera. The microcontroller and sensors are configured by using Arduino IDE software. The LCD displays the final output (the type of waste). The website displays bin status (if the garbage is full or filling) along with the type of waste, date and time of the update.
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