Paper Key : IRJ************853
Author: Ananya Srivastava,Afsha Khan,Arnav Tiwari
Date Published: 01 May 2023
At present, with the rapid development of the Internet structure, the topic of information technology together with the concept of digitalization has become important. Arguably, the technological advancements that make digitization possible have contributed to the digital transformation of business models. The concept of digital transformation has surfaced as an area where businesses have been working hard. Digital transformation refers to the overall transformation of a business based on mortals, business processes and technology to provide more efficient and effective services. The present study aimed to develop an app that can reduce paper work and facilitate online counseling and learning for students. The app allows students to upload their documents once and apply for any examination, college, or job without filling the same details repeatedly. Moreover, the app provides online counseling services at different levels for national, state, and private colleges. Additionally, the app also offers study materials and video lectures. The app was developed using Flutter in Visual Studio Code and Dart language. A total of 20 students participated in the usability testing of the app. The results showed that the app was easy to use and efficient in reducing paper work and providing online counseling and learning services.
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