Paper Key : IRJ************094
Author: Nimra Saleem,Tunzeela Amin,Danish Ali
Date Published: 07 Dec 2022
Breast cancer is unrestrained growth and growth of cells that start in the breast tissues. It is most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and is chief cause of cancer death in women in the world. Prevention of breast cancer is a big challenge for the world. Best prevention of breast cancer is early diagnosis, which results in increasing survival rate of breast cancer patients. Researches in the field of breast cancer has made remarkable progress in last two decades, which results in better understanding of the disease, increased public awareness, early diagnosis with improved and modern screening methods, effective and less virulent treatments and improved survival rate. These discoveries are an important step forward in the ongoing battle against breast cancer. In this study, division of breast cancer into different types on the basis of invasiveness (invasive, non-invasive) and frequency (common and rare), stages of breast cancer on the basis of invasiveness, risk factors associated with breast cancer, how to manage breast cancer including different treatments for different categories of patients, all were discussed in detail. Statistical analysis showed that there were no significant differences in the results of patients with obesity related to their menstrual status when compared to healthy controls.
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