Paper Key : IRJ************483
Author: Sattar Shaikh,Aniket Shinde,Abdul Majid Shaikh,Shahnawaj Shaikh,Prof. Rajesh Barapate
Date Published: 01 May 2023
Mute people use different modes to communicate with others. There are many methods available for communicating, one such common method of communication for mute people is sign language. Sign language allows mute people to communicate with human body language. Our motive is to convert the human sign language to Voice with human gesture understanding. By using sign motions and gestures we put forth a smart speaking system which will help deaf people to communicate with normal people. The system is provided with sensors like flex consisting of hand motion reading system. ESP32 is used for operation of the system and processing the data. Battery powered circuit is used to power the system and run it. Smartphone is used to display and speak the signed language. The system incorporates a text to speech conversion block that interrupts the signs that match i.e. text to speech out. Once the message is sent on smartphone it is recovered through the speaker and is spoken out and also displays the text.
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