Paper Key : IRJ************535
Author: Balram Shahu,Nilay Verma ,Rahul Yadav,Sohail Khan,Amit Verma,Ravi Mishra
Date Published: 01 May 2023
The objective of this research is to check the various parameters of potable water of the selected sites by using reference IS 3025:2017 which gives the result of the sample to compare it with Standard values as per IS 10500:2012. The vital aspect of this research is to check the suitability of water for drinking purpose. The safety of drinking water is important for the health. The Comparison result says that, the water we tested is drinkable without any treatment or not. Intaking this water without any treatment may cause disease and may also affect human organs. The safety of drinking water is affected by various contaminants which included chemical and microbiological. Such contaminants cause serious health problems.
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