Paper Key : IRJ************987
Author: L.surya Prakash Reddy,Dr.k.maharajan,P.siva Kumar,P.sasi Kumar,K.chakradhar
Date Published: 05 Feb 2024
The aim of the land mine sensing or detecting robot is to see and cover the most areafeasible, display the landmines, and map the remaining region with millimeter accuracy on avisual map. This study offers a prototype land mine detection robot that is easy to manage,powerful yet affordable, and equipped with a visual interface for mapping landmines, PID tuning,and camera alignment. Emphasis is placed on controlling the differential drive robot in manual,semi-auto, and auto modes. Robotics uses image analysis to pinpoint its exact location, providingreal-time data to its dead reckoning servo control. The sensor that finds landmines is called a beatmetal detector. The robot can be controlled by the user with ease thanks to the graphical userinterface on the remote terminal PC. Ultimately, the system aims to give the user a robust,economical, and easily understandable interface.
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